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MacGregor Ranch, Estes Park, Colorado, Historic Homestead, Longs Peak


Colorado's Finest Homestead Ranch

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MacGregor Ranch, Estes Park, Colorado, Twin Owls

College with a BA Degree in Math, 1925, from the University of Colorado with a MA Degree in History, 1931, and from the University of Denver receiving a LLB in 1934.  With her multifaceted knowledge and passion for this lifestyle she ran the Ranch and assumed sole responsibility for the land after her parent's deaths in 1950 when she was 46.  For the subsequent twenty years of Muriel's life her dedication and sense of family heritage led her to hold onto the Ranch so it could flourish. She died on October 22, 1970, leaving the MacGregor Ranch in a trust that has allowed it to be preserved to this day to serve as a working cattle ranch and a youth education center in the heart of the majestic Rocky Mountains. 

Now MacGregor Ranch offers a window into the past for all visitors.  Just passing beneath the entrance gate inspires a fondness 

for simpler times as Percheron draft horses and ranch hands can be seen working the hay meadow alongside grazing Black Angus cattle.  The main ranch house has been transformed into our museum; perfect for children's groups and summer visitors to learn more about this rugged and rewarding way of life.

Completely surrounded by the scenic, untouched landscape of the Black Canyon Creek area and the mountains of Lumpy Ridge, history enthusiasts and adventures will forever hold a special place in their hearts and minds for MacGregor Ranch just as we have done the same! 


Take a step back in time and discover that history never gets old.

We hope to see you soon!



Nestled in the beautiful Black Canyon Creek area of Estes Park, our Ranch has remained a showplace of early life among settlers and homesteaders in Colorado Territory.


Founded in 1873 by Alexander and Clara MacGregor the Ranch then passed to Donald and Maude and finally, to their only child, Muriel Lurilla MacGregor. 

Muriel, born April 2, 1904,  grew to embrace the    responsibilities   of    ranch    life    and 

Muriel L MacGregor, Historic Figure

celebrated its gifts, spending many days basking in Colorado blue and sunny skies with her dog Tiger and pony  Zephyr.  Muriel  later graduated  from  Colorado    

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MacGregor Ranch, Estes Park, Colorado, Historic Homestead, Agriculture, Pioneer, Pioneering

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The Muriel L. MacGregor Charitable Trust, a private, non-profit operating foundation, funds and manages all Ranch activities, the museum, and all educational programs. The MacGregor Trust relies heavily on donations, grants and investments to operate the historic Ranch. Please help us to continue this work with a generous donation.



Please reach out with any questions for the Ranch.

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1301 Clara Dr | PO Box 4675

Estes Park, CO 80517


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Phone: 970 - 586 - 3749

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The historic photographs, images and research for this web site came from the personal memorabilia of the MacGregor family. Courtesy ~ MacGregor Ranch Museum

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