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Our only required qualification:

A Love for History, Wilderness, and our Ranch!

Searching for ways to help? Email us to find out more opportunities! Ask us about:

School tour guides 
Summer museum docents 
Garden helpers 
Grounds care around the historic buildings 
Weed management and fencing projects 
Wagon ride guides 
Machinery restoration 
Trail crews 
Inventory and collections care 
Donations of time, money, and equipment

Become a Volunteer

After the death of Muriel MacGregor in 1970, those devoted to the Ranch offered their time and skills and began their quest to save the Ranch, developing the land into what it is today. The volunteers ran the Ranch, working the crops, irrigation systems, caring for the livestock, and taking care of general maintenance for the continuing years.  Eventually endeavoring for countless hours to establish the conservation easement on the Ranch.

Today, we still relay on the strength of our volunteers to accomplish a myriad of tasks on the Ranch.  These dedicated individuals hold a certain interest and commitment to hard work, studying, sharing, and preserving the stories and the events that shaped the MacGregor Ranch of the present.

Service Opportunities

We   have   many  service   opportunities   available   for

individuals or groups. Organizations with service oriented missions such as Boy Scouts and Rotary Club have contributed their efforts to the Ranch and completed many fulfilling service projects.  

We can provide projects for groups of any size that last from one hour to all day. Call or email the office to set up a service project for your group.

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