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Purchase and Pickup Timeline and Policy

For your purchase of 1/4, 1/2, or whole beef the following stipulations are in place:​

  • A 50% deposit is required on all orders; if you do not wish to pay via credit card or PayPal on our website please contact our office.

  • All deposits are non refundable.

  • When we receive notification of your deposit we will send you a confirmation email.

  • After your order is confirmed, we will send out the Atlas Beef Processing Form. This form tells Atlas Processing how you want your meat portioned and cut. 1/4 orders of beef do not have the option to choose preferred cuts, you will receive a standard portion with this option.

  • Once your steer is delivered to be processed, MacGregor Ranch will be notified of the hanging weight and we will bill you for the cost of the meat minus your deposit. 

  • You will have 10 days to make this final payment to MacGregor Ranch. After this time your purchase option will be surrendered.

  • Payment for processing and packaging will be made directly to Atlas Meat.

Frequently Asked 

What Kind of Beef Do You Sell?

Our Black Aberdeen Angus are hormone free, steroid free, grass-fed and finished on our Rocky Mountain fields with zero pesticides.  The Ranch has been producing this breed of cattle since 1938.  

What does it Cost? 

We require a deposit to reserve your steer for processing.  The deposit is approximately half of the total hanging weight, $1,550 for a whole, $775 for a 1/2, and $425 for a 1/4 order. The final hanging weight and processing costs of Atlas Meat Co will determine your total.  

Our price per pound, $6.00 for 1/2 and whole orders and $6.50 for 1/4 orders, combined with harvesting and processing fees total approximately $1,000 for 1/4 orders, $1,900 for 1/2 orders, and $3,800.00 for one whole steer. 

How Do I Know My Total and Pay? 

When placing your order reservation on our website you can pay your deposit online, or call/email if you prefer to pay by check. 

When the beef is sent to be processed we will contact you again with the final hanging weight of your steer and invoice you for the total price per pound less your deposit.  This must be paid before picking up your order from the processor.  

Processing fees will be paid directly to Atlas upon pick-up of your order. 

How Much Beef Will I Get?

Orders vary based on the final weight of the cow.  The average weight of a 1/4 order is 90lbs, a 1/2 is 200lbs, and a whole 350lbs.  Typically the cutting process will result in about a 32% yield loss leaving you with a bit less final package poundage when looking at on the hoof weight, and hanging weight, which is approximately 60% of live weight. Final packaged weight will also depend on specific cuts selected for 1/2 and whole orders. 

What Cuts Will I Get? 

1/4 orders are subject to standard cutting; including, 3lb Chuck and Arm Roasts, 2 per package 3/4 inch ribeye, New York, sirloin, tip, top round, bottom round, and tenderloin steaks, 1lb packages of ground flank, eye of round, and shanks, as well as brisket, stew meat, skirt steak, and short ribs. 

1/2 and whole orders can be customized.  You will receive a cutting instructions document to dictate your cut and packaging specifications. 

How do I Know When To Pick Up My Order and Where do I Pick It Up? 

We will contact you by email when your order is ready for pick up, Atlas Meat Co will call you as well.  

What Breed Do You Raise and Sell? 

We raise black angus and have raised this hardy and tasty breed since Donald MacGregor made the switch to Aberdeen Angus in the early 1900's.  

What are The Cattle Fed? 

MacGregor beef is 100% grass fed and grass finished. Allowed to graze and grow naturally, with no additional hormones or steroids, on lush pastures and high mountain meadows free also of all pesticides. 

What's the Difference Between Grass-Fed and Grain-Fed?

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