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1/2 Beef

1/2 Beef


A half beef is divided into the front quarter and the hind quarter. The front consists of chuck steaks, pot roasts, rib steaks, short ribs and soup bones. The hind consists of ground beef, top round, bottom round, t-bones, top sirloins, tender loins, flank steaks, sirloin tip, rump roast.

  Half customers get all the bones and organ meat if they select them when you fill out the cutting instructions.  While the package weight is different for each animal, an average final packaged weight can be around 150 pounds of beef. The average hanging weight is around 250 pounds but again, this varies from animal to animal and the hanging weight can vary as much as 50 pounds either way.

  • Recommended for large families with 2 adults and hungry children
  • Will take up to 50% of a large upright freezer (20 cu.ft.)
    • One cubic foot of freezer space is needed for every 25 to 30 pounds of packaged meat.
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