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Our Organization

The Muriel L. MacGregor Charitable Trust, a private, non-profit foundation, funds and manages all Ranch activities, the museum, and all educational programs. The MacGregor Trust relies heavily on donations, grants, and investments to operate the historic Ranch.

Ranch Management and Board of Trustees

| Chairman William Van Horn | 

Trustees John Howell, Todd Jirsa, Brian Killion, Cody Walker

William Van Horn
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Bill Van Horn has lived his entire life in Estes Park, first at a dude ranch  (Hobby Horse Ranch) and then as the Rocky Mountain National Park Livery Concessionaire.  He attended Estes Park Public Schools 1 through 12 participating in football, basketball and track.  He attended CSU and graduated with with  BS degree in Civil Engineering.  After selling the stable businesses he joined the Town of Estes Park as Town Engineer.  Over his tenure at the Town he served as Chief Building Official, Town Planning Director and Public Works Director.  These positions provided valuable experience in resource planning and supervision as well as budgeting and public relations.  He oversaw a number of major projects including the first Master Plan, the first Flood  Regulation  and  first  Sign  Code.  In

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Board of Trustees

1978 Bill left the Town and took over Van Horn Engineering, a firm his father, Paul Van Horn started in 1948.  It is now the longest continuing engineering firm in Colorado and is under the ownership of Lonnie Sheldon.  During this time Bill became involved with a number of residential and commercial developments the largest of which is Stanley Village Shopping Center which he built and still retains an ownership interest.  As a young man Bill knew Muriel MacGregor and worked for her part time during the late 1960's.  Bill became a Trustee in 2000 and has served continuously since then.

John Howell

John Howell has extensive experience managing a non-profit organization and familiarity with ranch life and its demands.

He founded and managed Pop Warner youth football, a non-profit organization, for 10 years while he continued to manage his family's cattle ranch.  He expanded upon the success of his family's ranch by establishing a big game and upland bird hunting operation and concurrently served as a hunting consultant, arranging expeditions in Africa, Canada, New Zealand, and Argentina.  

Trustee Howell's multifaceted talents and desire to better any organization he is a part of serves MacGregory Ranch most emphatically as it strives to create educational opportunities and influence our community. 

Todd Jirsa

Todd Jirsa has served multiple boards and organizations in the town of Estes Park for over 30 years.  His involvement in our community, as a business owner and Mayor of Estes Park for a four year term, has allotted him skills in governance, strategic planning, and leadership to better the Ranch and Trust.   As a dedicated team member and problem solver Trustee Jirsa is committed to finding consensus among the board to improve all qualities of the organization. 

The distinct leadership experiences of serving as Board President for Estes Park School District R-3 and as Chairman of the Platte River Power Authority Board provide a solid base for guiding MacGregor Ranch into a positive and philanthropically prosperous future.

Brian Killion

Brian Killion

Cody Walker

Cody Walker

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