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Our Cattle


100% Locally Raised

MacGregor Ranch is a small cow-calf operation averaging 25 pairs a season. This ensures that all of our animals receive the highest quality care. Each animal is monitored for optimum heath and well being, with no use of steroids or artificial growth hormones. Our approach allows us to produce the most natural and delicious meat in the mountain area.

Only the best steer calves are hand-picked to be sold as MacGregor Ranch grass-fed beef. These calves will spend 12 to 16 months on our mountain grass until they are 900 to 1100 pounds. They are allowed to grow slowly, as nature intended, with clean mountain air and the best mountain pastures in Colorado.

Our Heritage


Since its establishment, our ranch has had the ability to raise exceptional cattle as a result of the aforementioned high altitude fertile soils and pure water flowing  from

mountaintop springs.  These gifts of the land combined with the MacGregor's determination and knowledge of high altitude agriculture allowed for bountiful quality hay harvests for the cattle.  Thus, our happy, home grown cows have been providing form families for centuries and we want to continue sharing with you! 

Happy Cows for Happy Cooking!

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